Boys Hope Girls Hope is a network of 15 US and three Latin American sites that prepare young people to thrive in college, career, and life.  Participants, known as “scholars,” enter the comprehensive and long-term array of positive youth development and academic programming in middle school and receive support through college degree completion and career entry.  Residential educational placement is available.  Young people and their guardians apply for the Boys Hope Girls Hope scholarship and are selected based upon academic ability, motivation, and need.  

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Helping Children Reach Their Full Potential Every Day

Residential Programs

Boys Hope Girls Hope’s Residential program recreates the family atmosphere and dynamic that is central to healthy adolescent development. Our residential scholars live in homes—not institutions, but real homes in safe neighborhoods.

Six to twelve children live in each home, where they are cared for by live-in, round-the-clock professional Residential Counselors who provide the parenting that all children need.

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Non-Residential Programs

Many of our Affiliates have built a non-residential component into their programming. Non-residential programs are for children whose home circumstances do not demand out-of-home placement, but who would benefit from Boys Hope Girls Hope programming.

Children in our non-residential programs receive the same arms-around, whole-person care and support as those living in our homes...

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College Preparation

From the first day a child joins our program, he or she participates in a full range of college-preparatory exercises–the College Road.

The College Road is designed not only to prepare our scholars for college, but to make the idea of college real to them and prepare them for all aspects of the college experience: dorm life, applying for and receiving financial aid, and how to handle the stress of the experience.

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