Who We Are

Boys Hope Girls Hope believes in children.
We believe in their ability to overcome their circumstances. We believe in their ability to become more than they ever dreamed of becoming. And we believe that they can then go on to give hope to countless others.
By providing children with arms-around care, safe homes and environments, a first-class education, opportunities to learn more about themselves and the world, and academic, financial, and spiritual support through college, Boys Hope Girls Hope empowers children to realize the potential that is within them.
We set high standards and give our scholars everything they will need to meet those standards.
We empower them to overcome the obstacles--neighborhoods shattered by crime and poverty; families broken by economic hardship, death, and divorce; overcrowded and underperforming schools--that threaten their potential, their futures, and their families' futures.
And in doing so, we make our communities, and our world, a better place.
The statistics facing American cities are grim.
  • Costs to the economy associated with high school dropouts reach $260 billion each year.
  • Twenty percent of American children age six or younger live below the poverty line. Children born into poverty are six times likelier to drop out of school.
  •  More than 12 million students are projected to drop out of school over the next decade, at an estimated national cost of over $3 trillion dollars.

For these and many other reasons, our work and our mission have never been more crucial than they are today.

In 2014, Boys Hope Girls Hope was recognized by Charity Navigator as a Four Star Charity for sound financial management, accountability, and transparency. Click here to learn more.