AmeriCorps and National Volunteer Corps

Boys Hope Girls Hope has over 20 years  experience offering year long volunteer and AmeriCorps opportunities.  We are a proud participant in the Federal AmeriCorps Program and are a member of Catholic Volunteer Network.

We offer the following service/volunteer opportunities:

AmeriCorps Go! Team    

Go! Team Members support Boys Hope Girls Hope's efforts to reach young people, ages 10-18 who have obstacles to school and college success such as poverty, the loss of a parent due to death, incarceration or abandonment, abuse or neglect, neighborhood violence, substance abuse in the home, homelessness, domestic violence and other risk factors for dropping out as defined by the National Center for Dropout Prevention. AmeriCorps members' efforts will ensure that volunteers and the community are engaged in the important work of moving children in their communities from poverty to self-sufficiency. Working in coordination with other Go! Team members and BHGH staff, the Go! Team Member will work in a team at an assigned project site, and focus their efforts on ensuring BHGH Scholars are accruing the skills, confidence and aspirations necessary to achieve college enrollment. Activities will focus on academic preparation, college counseling, co-curricular learning and the development of ongoing opportunities for scholars to better understand cultural diversity through service-learning projects. Additional resources will include boosting parental involvement in scholar activities, and educating and encouraging community collaboration. AmeriCorps Members specialize in one of four areas: Academic Coaching, College Exploration, My Road Coaching and Community Resource Coordination.

  • An Academic Coach supports our scholars through tutoring, coaching, and providing supplemental instruction in the areas of literacy, mathematics and science. Members assigned to this role can also train and support volunteer tutors and coordinate tutor activities with the classroom and school-designed interventions.
  • A My Road Coach assists scholars, staff and community to ensure My Road (Boys Hope Girls Hope activities are planned, implemented and reflective activities completed. Members contributing to this focus area may work with scholars individually but will also plan and deliver My Road related content across the program or to smaller groups of scholars by grade level or activity area. 
  • A College Coach supports junior and senior scholars in the pre and post college acceptance processes: college identification, admissions, selection and planning the scholars’ transition into school. Although the primary focus of this role is junior and senior scholars, College Coaches may also plan and coordinate college-preparatory activities for younger scholars.
  • A Community Resource Coordinator creates and sustains infrastructure for volunteer engagement across an affiliate’s operations.

Benefits for full-time members include an annual living stipend of $12,530 (paid every other week over the year of service), training, health insurance, loan forbearance on qualifying student loans and an education award of $5,645 upon successful completion of service. Housing, transportation and relocation costs are not provided.

Our current openings are below. 

Go! Team: Academic Coach- Boys Hope Girls Hope Cincinnati

Go! Team: Community Resource Coordinator- Boys Hope Girls Hope Cincinnati

Go! Team: My Road Coach- Boys Hope Girls Hope Cincinnati   

Go! Team: College Coach- Boys Hope Girls Hope Northeast Ohio

Go! Team: Academic Coach- Boys Hope Girls Hope San Francisco

Go! Team: Community Resource Coordinator- Boys Hope Girls Hope San Francisco

If you are interested in learning more please contact, Caitlin Thompson at

National Volunteer Corps

National Volunteer Corps Members live in our homes and work with the youth they serve.  They are asked to make a full-time, 12 month commitment. The focus of the Corps is on educational support, academic success, and service. Areas of service include:
  • instructional support - tutoring or monitoring study time, collaborating with tutors, and developing and monitoring academic improvement plans
  • creating stronger bonds with schools - attending parent/teacher meetings, open houses, communicating with teachers
  • promoting intellectual enrichment - planning essential experiences, implementing community service activities, assessing learning styles
  • living as a member of the home community - sharing meals, discussing spiritual growth, joining in house activities
Members receive a bi-weekly living allowance of $150 plus room and board, health insurance, travel, and training.  Positions typically start in the summer but can also start later in the fall or in January.

For more information, please contact MAUREEN HOEFT, Coordinator of Volunteer Programs and Affiliate Services, by email, or by phone at 314.222.0373 

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