We Don't Replace Parents. We Partner With Them.

There are a world of different factors that can make it difficult for parents to give their children all the care and opportunities they need.

The loss of one parent through death or divorce; job loss and economic hardship; a long-term or debilitating illness; all these and more can combine to prevent parents from giving their children everything that they’ll need to succeed.

When this happens, Boys Hope Girls Hope can help.

Boys Hope Girls Hope is a completely voluntary program--a parent must make the decision to enroll his or her child in the program.

Boys Hope Girls Hope understands that parents are the most important part of any child’s life—and that parental involvement is the most crucial factor in a child’s healthy development. We do not attempt to replace them. We work hand in hand with parents to help them provide what their children need. We partner with parents to help their children overcome the obstacles that their circumstances have placed in their way to success.