Our History


Boys Hope Girls Hope was founded in 1977 in St. Louis, MO, by Father Paul Sheridan, S.J., as a residential and academic enrichment program for youth in need. Boys Hope Girls Hope has grown to include affiliates in 15 U.S. cities and three Latin American countries, and currently serves 650 scholars in the U.S. and 170 scholars internationally. Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baton Rouge opened it doors in 1996 with the capacity for eight youth. 

Youth Served

We currently serve 29 students: 5 boys (2 freshmen, one sophomore, 1 junior and 1 senior) in residence, four college students (1 senior, 1 junior, 1 sophomore and 1 freshmen) and 20 in our Road To Excellence (R2E) initiative. 

Road To Excellence (R2E) 

The non-residential R2E was designed to reach greater numbers of youth in-need. Indeed, this "new business model" quadrupled our out reach, cut our cost in half since July 2014 and enhanced our quality. ‚Äč

In addition to tutoring for specific academic courses and challenges, each R2E student can take advantage of mentoring, community involvement and soft skills training. Each student receives counseling to prepare him/her for the next academic step, such as moving from middle school to high school. And, high school students receive assistance in choosing a college, mastering a college prep curriculum, taking standardized tests such as the ACT and applying for financial aid and scholarships. BHGH conducts short-term and long-term performance reviews with each student, recording progress and providing individual improvement plans to address any difficulties. 


The Boys Hope Girls Hope R2E program ran as a pilot during the 2014-15 school year. During the first year, students were given formal instruction after school in their schools and at the BHGH residential home. The instructors for those after-school sessions were BHGH staff as well as local community, civic, political and business leaders.

Scholar Achievement 

Road To Excellence (R2E) is a community-based education movement that has been overwhelmingly successful since opening in July 2014. The program has 20 committed participants and growing. All of our R2E scholars are excelling in academics (GPA ranges from 3.0 - 4.0) and extracurricular activities, including chess, karate, wrestling, swimming, acting and many other endeavors. Additionally, they have been great ambassadors of R2E in media and at community empowerment events.