The Program
  • Supports children financially and emotionally through college and beyond.
  • Provides children with long-term adult relationships and positive mentoring.
  • Places children in value centered, family-like homes, environments, opportunities and education through college
  • Family-like homes staffed with live-in residential counselors.
  • Funded exclusively through private sector donations.
  • Provides a non-residential program for scholars called, Road to Excellence
  • Scholars can earn college scholarships up to $4,000 per year (four years) from the BHGH organization. 
  • Offers tutoring, mentoring, enrichment activities for youth from 5th grade through college to both residential and non-residential scholars. 
  • BHGH-BR private schools partnerships render partial or full scholarships for qualified high school scholars admitted into the program.
Parent/Guardians Participate
  • Boys Hope Girls Hope maintains regular contact with families of children in the program.
  • Parent(s) or guardians are welcome to communicate with program staff regarding any concerns they may have about their child's needs or the services provided by Boys Hope Girls Hope.
  • Scholars typically visit families two weekends per month. Extended visits occur during school holidays and within summer break. There are no restrictions on contact by phone, letter or e-mail. Special visits can be arranged outside of the established visiting schedule.
  • The parents maintain legal custody of their child.
  • Parents are informed of special events and activities involving their child and are encouraged to participate. 
Parents of Hope
  • Affinity group of the parents and guardians of scholars
  • Meet once a month with administration to game plan supporting the scholars