Are you looking for a rewarding way to make a child's life better - to make our community better?  Dedicated community volunteers are essential to the success of our scholars and our program.
    Volunteers are needed as: Mentors, Tutors, Meal Donors, Respite Workers, for Special Events, for Home & Yard Maintenance, and for Office Assistance.
     Please contact our volunteer coordinator Nadine Robertson 504.223.4939 with any questions!
     Mentors, used in both the residential and community-based programs, play a major role in our scholars’ development.  Mentors serve as someone outside the home environment for the child to talk to, have fun with, learn from, laugh with, and look to for encouragement and support.  Mentors see their scholar 2-4 times a month and talk to their scholar on the phone at least once a week.
     Tutors, used in both the residential and community-based programs, are essential to our scholars’ academic progress and success.  Tutoring is needed in multiple subjects at the 6th through 12th grade levels. 
Meal Donors
     The residential program uses volunteers as “dinner hosts” at both the boys’ and girls’ homes.  This helpful program gives our house parents a much needed night off from cooking and allows community volunteers an opportunity to get acquainted with Boys Hope Girls Hope without making a major time commitment.  Dinners can be dropped off with staff or brought in and enjoyed with our scholars.  This can be a great way to get to know the scholars and get a “taste” of the BHGH program!
Respite Workers
     The house parents need a day off!  The residential program needs volunteers to help out at the houses so that the house parents can have some time off for special events and activities with one another.  This is a fun way to get to know the children and become familiar with our program. 
Special Events
     BHGH sponsors various special events and fundraisers throughout the year that rely on volunteers.  A golf tournament, our annual Bowl for Hope, and holiday dinners at both homes are just a few of the special event opportunities available to volunteers.
Home and Yard Maintenance
     We have two residential houses in the Central and Baton Rouge area and are always looking for volunteers to help maintain both the homes and yards. If you are handy fixing things or growing things, we need you! 
Office Assistance
     Occasionally we need help with mailings, filings, etc.  If you are interested in helping out from time to time, we welcome your support. 
Volunteer Screening Process
     All mentors and some volunteers (depending on their level of involvement with the scholars) are required to complete an in-depth screening process that includes:
  • Completion of application. A copy of the application can be downloaded here.
  • In-person interview.
  • Fingerprinting for FBI Clearance Card required by LA law.  ($18 fee)
  • 36-month driving record history
  • 2 References
  • Attend a volunteer training session
     Call our office at 225-346-5095 for more information!