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When a child comes to Boys Hope Girls Hope, he or she enters a spectrum of programming all geared to help that child realize his or her potential on every front.
It’s not easy. We set high expectations—of achievement, of activity, of academic success, of behavior, of ethics. But our whole-person approach gives our scholars everything they need to meet those expectations.
Our residential programs recreate the supportive family dynamic that all children need. Committed professional houseparents provide the parenting that gives them the security and stability they need to excel. And a network of carefully screened and trained volunteers provides the academic support they will need to excel in the classroom. Our community-based programs offer the same arms-around, all-encompassing care as our residential program for children who do not require an out-of-home placement.
From day one, our scholars begin to think of college not as a daydream, but as a concrete destination. They are painstakingly matched to the top-rated schools best suited to their needs, and undergo an intensive series of college preparation activities both during the school year and during every summer they are in our program.
Participation in a wide range of extracurricular activities—sports, the arts, academic enrichment, etc.—helps them discover their own interests and refine their own talents. Mandated community service projects instill within them the value of service to others. And our spiritual development component as well as required weekly attendance of the religious service of their family’s choice helps them confront the eternal questions and gives them a solid foundation for developing their own spiritual identity.