In 1977, Fr. Paul Sheridan founded Boys Hope in St. Louis, MO.  As an educator, he had seen the potential of too many young lives extinguished by negative factors: overcrowded, underfunded schools; families distressed by poverty, illness, divorce, death; and neighborhoods shattered by drugs and violence.  Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH) removes risk factors and enhances protective factors related to absenteeism, dropout, delinquency, and teen pregnancy.  BHGH offers permanent solutions for young people in difficult, complex situations.  The model’s success has led to its broad replication. Currently, fifteen American cities and four Latin American countries have affiliate chapters of BHGH.   

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado was established in 1993 and has provided over 180 scholarships to young men of potential.  The Girls Hope home opened in 2010, with its first two graduates going on to college in August 2013 and the next two in August of 2015. 

The organization has grown to include a non-residential component in several cities, focusing on college preparation.  The Colorado affiliate launched the non-residential Academy Program at Aurora Central High School in 2013 and now serves 48 scholars. The first set of 8 graduates from the Academy started college in August 2016.