Partners in Parenting

One of the most important aspects of Boys Hope Girls Hope is the close association of parents with the program. Parent involvement is highly valued, reaffirming the conviction that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children. Parental participation in their child's activities and special events within program, as well as support of program goals and values, ensures the best possible experience for the child.

  • The parent or legal guardian of the Boys Hope Girls Hope youth is a partner with the program in the parenting of the child.
  • Parents maintain guardianship and custody of the youth.
  • Boys Hope Girls Hope maintains regular contact with families of children in the program through scheduled conferences and telephone contacts. The staff meets briefly with the parent before and after family visits.
  • Youth typically visit families according to their service plans, typically once a month, and perhaps more, depending upon the particular situation of the child. Extended visits may occur during holidays and within the summer time. There are no restrictions on contact by phone, letter, or email. Special visits can be arranged outside the established visiting schedule.
  • Parents will be informed in advance of special events and activities involving their child.
  • Parents are welcome to communicate with program staff any concerns regarding their child's needs or services rendered by Boys Hope Girls Hope.