What is the mission of Boys Hope Girls Hope?
Boys Hope Girls Hope helps academically capable and motivated children in need to meet their full potential and become men and women for others by providing value-centered, family-like homes, opportunities, and education through college.
How is Boys Hope Girls Hope funded?
Boys Hope Girls Hope is supported by grants, gifts and donations from private individuals, foundations and corporations.
How do children come to Boys Hope Girls Hope?
Boys Hope Girls Hope maintains a network of relationships with parents, educators, clergy, social workers and other childcare professionals who recommend children to the program. After being evaluated to determine whether Boys Hope Girls Hope would be the right program to meet a child's needs, he or she joins the program.
What kind of children are in the Boys Hope Girls Hope program?
Boys Hope Girls Hope is deeply committed to diversity, and the scholars who come to us reflect that commitment. Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars come from a wide range of ethnic, religious and socioeconomic groups. In addition, they are children who can meet the high standards, academic and personal, of Boys Hope Girls Hope. They are drug and alcohol free, free of serious emotional or behavioral problems or learning disabilities, and are academically capable and motivated. They are children who, under the right circumstances, can succeed. At Boys Hope Girls Hope, they are encouraged—and expected—to do so. If you know of a child who meets these criteria please contact the Shanina Draughn, Program Director of the Boys Hope Girls Hope. If a child does not meet these criteria, Boys Hope Girls Hope works with the family to find a suitable program.
Does Boys Hope Girls Hope work with other organizations?
Partnership is one of the distinguishing features of Boys Hope Girls Hope. We begin by partnering with scholars' parents, and we extend this model to our cooperation with a variety of different organizations, including schools, universities and other agencies to meet our scholars' needs. One of our most exciting and rewarding partnerships is with the federal AmeriCorps program, which sponsors recent college graduates for a year of volunteer service. As members of the Academic Success Corps, they provide academic support to scholars; as Community Resource Coordinators, they build relationships with other organizations and in the community.