Hope Prep Academy

Scholars in the community based Hope Prep Academy Program receive similar benefits as the residential scholars but they remain in their homes with their families. The Boys Hope Girls Hope Community Based Program offers:

  • One-on one mentoring
  • Academic tutoring
  • Personal, spiritual, and leadership development
  • Guidance through the college application/financial assistance process
  • Financial assistance through college
  • Summer enrichment program - PASSE (Physical, Academic, Social, Spiritual, Educational)
  • Counseling Services 
Admission Requirements
  • Must be in 8th grade
  • Has the academic potential to succeed in a college preparatory program
  • Has a strong desire to graduate from high school and attend college
  • Displays good behavior in school and is emotionally healthy
  • Has strong family support for this long-term commitment
  • Is prepared to fulfill all commitments set by BHGH
  • Has financial need


The Application Process
  • Interview of potential scholar and their family
  • Completion of paperwork and application forms
  • Academic, emotional and social assessment
  • Evaluating the needs of the family
  • Presentation of the candidate to Program Committee for acceptance 


For more information about Hope Prep Academy call 313-862-0707