Q:  From where do you receive your referrals?
A:  We receive referrals from local community agencies, churches, schools and through 'word of mouth' from scholars, scholars' families and BHGH volunteers.

Q:  Do your scholars stay in touch with their families?
A:  BHGH works with the parent/guardians, as well as other family members, to ensure the success of each scholar.  When appropriate, scholars visit their families one weekend per month for a scheduled “home visit”.  Scholars are also able to go to dinner, family functions and events with family members throughout the week.  Unfortunately, some families are unable to provide scholars with a safe environment to visit.  In that case, we connect scholars with BHGH volunteers who act as surrogate families for scholars.

Q:  Does Boys Hope Girls Hope have legal custody of the scholars?
A:  Although BHGH is granted physical custody of the scholar by the parent/guardian, the parent/guardian retains legal guardianship of the scholar.  BHGH is responsible for providing the day-to-day care for the scholar, such as medical, dental, vision, and therapeutic care.  We also act as the primary contact for academic and extracurricular activities.

Q:  Does Boys Hope Girls Hope accept children in state custody?
A:  BHGH is a 100% voluntary program.  The parent/guardian and scholar must both agree to placement and participate in the placement process.  BHGH does not contract with Children's Division or the Division of Youth Services for referrals.

Q:  What type of youth is accepted into Boys Hope Girls Hope?
A:  The first requirement for acceptance is a desire on behalf of the scholar to participate in structured home and academic programs.  The second most important requirement is need.  The youth and parent/guardian must both write a letter explaining their desire to participate in BHGH.  They also complete a social/family history interview.  If the Program Director believes the youth is appropriate for the program following the interview, s/he will refer the candidate to be evaluated by a psychiatrist to determine mental health and academic/IQ functioning.  If the evaluation determines that the scholar presents with no significant mental illness or learning disabilities, the Program Director will present the candidate to the Program Committee for review.

Q:  Is Boys Hope Girls Hope a therapeutic program?
A:   No. BHGH is a residential program that offers support to academically capable youth who have not been served by their previous school districts or communities.  The staff works with the scholars to help them develop life-skills and social-skills that are necessary to be a successful adult.  The staff nurtures the scholars while teaching boundaries and acting as role-models.  Our staff does not provide therapeutic services to our scholars.  Instead, as would happen in a traditional family, we refer the scholar to the appropriate community resource.

Q:  Where does Boys Hope Girls Hope get its funding?
A:  BHGH is 100% privately funded.  We receive no funding from the state.  All of our programs are provided through monetary and in-kind donations from supportive individuals, families, businesses, organizations or philanthropic groups who support our mission.

Q:  What is the cost to the parent/guardian?
A:  The parent/guardian is responsible for providing private health insurance or for getting the scholar approved for Medicaid.  BHGH supports the scholars financially.  Expenses such as tuition, school events, extracurricular activities, medical/dental/vision fees not covered by insurance, basic necessities and allowance are provided by our program.

Q:  Is Boys Hope Girls Hope a religious program?
A:  BHGH encourages scholars to explore a deeper relationship with their God in order to grow as individuals.  Scholars are free to attend the worship service of their choice.  We attend service as a family when possible.

Q:  How do I volunteer?
A:  To learn more about how you can volunteer with our scholars as a tutor, mentor, Boys Hope 'Mom', or to offer services to the program, contact us.

Q:  How do I make a financial donation?
A:  To discuss making a financial contribution to BHGH, please contact Kimberly Hines, Executive Director,  at (913) 381-1030.

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