Boys Hope Girls Hope of New Orleans was established in 1980 and is a privately funded, 501c3 nonprofit, nondenominational organization that helps academically capable and motivated children-in-need to meet their full potential and become men and women for others by providing value-centered, family-like homes, opportunities and education through college.

Boys Hope Girls Hope of New Orleans takes a holistic, "whole person" approach to meeting the needs of our scholars in the following ways: 
  • We offer family-like homes staffed by full-time live-in residential counselors. We create a loving, nurturing environment where boys and girls can grow and mature into young adults.
  • We focus on education. Because education is the key to breaking the cycle of abuse and poverty, we provide college-preparatory education and financial assistance.
  • We are committed to our Scholars long-term. Upon high school graduation, once they leave our homes we provide support through college.
  • We address the whole child by providing everything from medical services to counseling to tutoring to summer enrichment activities. We also encourage development of a moral foundation and spiritual life.

Boys Hope Girls Hope was founded on the belief that, given better circumstances, children with potential can reach their full potential. Therefore, we make a long-term commitment to fundamentally change children’s environment from one that is destructive to one filled with opportunity and HOPE.

Students attend private parochial elementary schools and college preparatory high schools. They are taught organizational and study skills and participate in mandatory daily study periods. Tutoring and special academic programs are available for students in need of such services. All students are expected to attend periodic cultural and enrichment activities. College is the goal. 100% of program graduates attend college.
Students are required to participate in extra-curricular activities in school or the community. Leadership, sportsmanship, loyalty and self-discipline are critical values BHGH students learn through athletics and extra-curricular activities. Summer enrichment experiences and sports camps are offered to students under 16. Older students are required to obtain full-time summer jobs in order to begin to save for college.
Students live in neighborhood homes with qualified live-in counselors providing support, guidance and discipline to the youth in care. Students share rooms and are expected to help maintain the home and assist counselors with a variety of daily living tasks. RESPECT is the basis rule of all BOYS HOPE GIRLS HOPE homes. The homes are operated in a family atmosphere which teach the residents to share, understand, and forgive.
Growth in faith and an understanding of God's purpose in one's life go hand in hand with personal development in other areas. Students are expected to develop spiritually and participate in weekly worship within the tradition of their family. Positive values are emphasized and media entertainment, literature and other recreational resources inconsistent with positive moral values are not permitted within the home. All students are required to participate in community service activities as a means to help those less fortunate in society.
BOYS HOPE GIRLS HOPE provides medical and psychological services to all students in need. As an agency, we care for the whole child including dental and vision care.
The parent/guardian of the Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH) student is a partner with the program in the parenting of their child. Parents/Guardians MAINTAIN the custody of their child. BHGH maintains regular contact with families of students through scheduled conferences and telephone contact. Students typically visit their families one weekend per month and perhaps more depending on the student's situation. Extended visits occur during school holidays and within summer break. No restrictions are placed on students contacting families either by phone or letter. Special visits with family can be arranged dependent upon the student's circumstances. Parents/Guardians are welcome to communicate with residential staff any concerns they may have regarding their child's needs or the service provided by BHGH. Parents/guardians will be informed in advance of special events and activities involving their child and may participate in these events.