Boys Hope Girls Hope of Southern California

Boys Hope Girls Hope is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides housing and academic scholarship to children-in-need. The organization helps children whose lives and futures are greatly at risk, at no fault of their own, but who are academically capable, and show great promise. We help these bright, determined children to realize their full potential and achieve their dreams by providing them each with a value-centered, family-like home, a quality private education through college, and a host of ancillary services and opportunities. The success of Boys Hope Girls Hope is based upon one simple truth – children who have stable, happy, and permanent home lives are much more likely to succeed in school and adulthood.
At BHGH, ambitious but underprivileged adolescents find the environment they need to discover their full potential. Our scholars come from disadvantaged backgrounds, yet have shown strong academic potential in their childhood nonetheless. However, due to their under-providing living situations, often due to deep poverty, these highly-capable scholars are not likely to go to college or even graduate high school. BHGH, then, with support from a scholar’s parents or legal guardians, will take a child out of their living situation and place them in our residences.
Both our Boys and Girls homes offer these children a space, unhampered by the constant stresses, pressures, and difficulties that would normally keep their attentions elsewhere. We provide a safe, structured and family-style environment. The scholars are all taken to school together, assigned household chores, attend each others sporting events, plays, etc. and even eat together around the kitchen table every night. 
Moreover, the scholars still get to maintain ties with their family. The house staffs will take our scholars to their family’s church services, the parents are welcome to come by the houses for a visit and scholars even get to go home and spend time with their families. So while the kids are put into our environment for their academic success, they can maintain familial ties and not be alienated in their personal communities.
However, despite our drive to support these children to scholarly success, BHGH equally emphasizes the importance of personal enrichment outside of school. Three live-in residential counselors, acting as tutors, parents, friends, and mentors, guide the boys and girls to their individual paths to fulfillment, in addition to the two nonresidential counselors, staff and rigidly screened volunteers. Under a structured environment, encompassing necessary components of education, extracurricular interests, friendships, and individual passions, BHGH gives our participants the opportunity to take control of their futures.