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Rodolfo - Guatamala

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Rodolfo - Guatamala

In 2013, RODOLFO G. became the first of our Guatemalan scholars to graduate from college. He now holds a degree in Business Administration from Landivar University.

In his own words:

“I come from a place that is full of gangs and problems, where one has to fight daily to survive. In November, 2003, I started my new life. That’s what I call the time when I arrived at Esperanza Juvenil. A priest who was concerned about me was working in our neighborhood to rescue the kids. He was in contact with the people at Esperanza Juvenil and he talked with them about me. The priest told them about my interest in getting ahead and that I wanted to become a successful person but that my parents didn’t have the financial resources to help me..

Starting the university in 2008 changed my life in a different way. In the last six years I

have had an amazing experience. I have had challenging times—both personally and academically—but that has made me stronger and it has made me fight for my dream- to graduate from college. In my free time, outside of work, I am helping the kids at Esperanza Juvenil. I like to help them with their studies and to share with them my experience of working and going to the university. I want them to know that, when life is hard, one has to give more than 100%. Afterwards, one feels a tremendous sense of satisfaction. I want to be a part of the positive change for our Guatemala.”


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