Meeting a Need, and Doing So Successfully.

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College Access

·        St. Louis Public Schools 2009 high school graduation rate: 45.9% (D.E.S.E., 2010).


·        While 70% have dreams of going to college, only 10% of students from foster care in our country enroll in higher education (NASFAA, 2009).


·        Since 1990, 100% of our high school graduates have gone on to post-secondary education.

 College Persistence, Life Success


·        Nationally, less than 2% of foster care youth obtain a bachelor's or equivalent degree in five years, compared to the national average which hovers around 65% (NASFAA, 2009).


·        The St. Louis Metro Area ranks 33rd of 35 comparable regions on 4 year college completion rates (Jones, 2009).


·        Since 1990, our average annual college retention rate is 80%, compared to the national average of 66% (NASFAA, 2009).


·        BHGH St. Louis alumni have graduated from Culver Stockton, Indiana U., Marquette, Maryville, Mizzou, U. of MD., Washington University, Webster, SIU, SLU and many other colleges and universities.


·        They excel as executives, military officers, engineers, chemists, social workers, ministers, educators, ... and moms and dads.


·        There are recurring themes, but each alum can uniquely share how BHGH helped them succeed.



 Over a 40 year career, bachelor's degree holders earn 61% more than those with high school only. Similarly, college graduates smoke at half the rate, exercise twice as much, volunteer twice as much, and vote 20-30% more (Baum & Ma, 2007).