Hope Prep of Boys Hope Girls Hope St. Louis

Hope Prep is a college preparation and non-residental scholarship program at Berkeley Middle and McCluer South-Berkeley High School sponsored by Boys Hope Girls Hope of St. Louis. 

School Programming - Fun, supportive and engaging single-gender and coed programming designed to promote a college-going culture and whole-person development among Hope Prep Scholars.

In-Home College Coaching - Semester meetings with each family to review progress, personally apply course information to their interests and set goals for the next term. Services provided up to and through college.

College Road Trip - Scholars who successfully complete the school-year program will help plan and travel with Hope Prep on an exciting road trip to various colleges in the United States.

Summer Camp Scholarships
- To build their college portfolio, scholars attend academic enrichment camps during the summer and are eligible to apply for scholarships to other camps of interest to them.

SUPER Saturdays - Monthly field experiences focused on cultural enrichment, family involvement, service learning, life skills, college readiness, mentoring and more.

Home/School Liaison Services - School-based and online monitoring of scholar progress, parent/teacher communication, student coaching, tutoring and advocacy as needed. Services begin in 8th grade and continue all four years of high school.

College Scholarships - Participants will be connected to an international network of fellow scholars and will be eligible for a renewable college scholarship available only to graduates of Boys Hope Girls Hope programs.

To find out more information, please contact our Community Based Program Manager.